Who We Are

At IMPACT Technology Recruiting, we are focused on finding the top candidates for high level positions for companies across the globe.

Finding someone to fit the needs of a high level position is not easy. With the competitive nature of hiring, it can be difficult to get your name out to who you need and at the right time. There are hundreds of qualified candidates out there, but how will they find you? There’s no telling how many ideal candidates slip through the cracks without a resume ever passing by the right desk. At IMPACT Technology Recruiting, we provide expert advice, individual feedback, and find resources to get you the job that you deserve.

By helping guide the most qualified candidates through the recruiting process, we find the perfect jobs for our clients. IMPACT Technology Recruiting uses state-of-the-art resources to find opportunities before the competition.

Here To Help

IMPACT Technology Recruiting is committed to providing opportunities for students to further their education in order to better serve the job market and recruiting process. We understand the payments, fintech, and technology industry better than anyone and know the opportunity in it. We also understand the financial strain of higher education and THAT is why we have made it our mission to contribute to those dedicated to helping our communities.

We want our youth to understand the importance of successful recruiting and the benefits to doing so. Finding a job is difficult for many people when they leave school, and IMPACT Technology Recruiting wants to ease that transition. By ensuring stability for the future, our youth can be ready to achieve their goals and succeed in the workplace.

Reward and Experience

The IMPACT Technology Recruiting Scholarship Fund will grant two students each $1,000 to be used towards books and tuition. The students must either already be attending a university or planning to attend in the upcoming semester.

How To Apply

Applicants will be asked to write a 1 to 2 page essay, no more than 1,000 words, stating how recruiting the most qualified candidates can have a positive impact at all levels of an organization from top to bottom.

If interested, please contact with britt.goimpact@gmail.com


  1. A current high school student attending a college or university in the following semester
  2. A full time college or university student in good academic standing
  3. Shows a desire to continue their higher education to most efficiently impact their community


  1. Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded by IMPACT Technology Recruiting to whom we see best fit
  2. Essays must be submitted by July 15th & Dec 15th of each calendar year and winners will be announced by Aug 15th & Jan 15th of each year. For students who have questions, feel free to reach out to britt.goimpact@gmail.com or call (262) 671-4769.

NOTE: All of our Privacy Policy with all applicants submissions. These submission will NOT be shared and are for IMPACT Technology Recruiting’s use only. No third party will be granted access to information we collect for  The applicant’s information we collect will be diagnosed by head of HR team and logged into our system. At the end of submission deadline, we will evaluate all submissions then individually reach out to the winning applicants.