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Stay up to date with the industry’s latest salary trends! We have compiled compensation information from within the trenches and across all disciplines of the payments, fintech and ecommerce communities and are making it available at no cost. Simply complete the information below to download this valuable guide.


Payment Industry Salary Guide

It can be challenging to determine what the average salary in your specific industry is. At Go-Impact Payments Recruiting, we have taken the headache out of getting the most up-to-date salary information. Through our vast arrays of networks, and access to accurate payments industry statistics from reputable sources, we have created a salary guide for all payments sectors—including fintech, issuing, cards, and merchant acquiring. To access the free salary guide in its entirety, complete with salary and total compensation information for every sector within the payments industry, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
H2 What is in the salary guide?
It can be very helpful to understand what the average salaries are within your line of work. This will help you formulate realistic expectations, gain leverage in contract negotiations, and leave a bad situation when you are being grossly underpaid.
In this salary guide you will find both the salary and total compensation range for positions located within the following payments industries:

  1. Sales

    The payments sales sector is a large industry with highly varying levels of income, such as small business sales reps specializing in small merchants and VP of sales working primarily with big retailers.

  2. Product

    Product managers play a key role in the payments industry and are the CEOs of their respective product, responsible for their product’s “why,” “what,” and “where.” Salary and compensation information for product managers, VP of product, and others can be found in the salary guide.

  3. Marketing

    Responsible for targeting consumers, marketing positions with the payments industry located in the salary guide include the director of marketing, marketing operations, demand generation, and others.

  4. Technology

    Technology in the payments industry is rapidly changing, adapting to consumer needs of easier and more convenient payment methods. The salary range for this industry, including software developers, program managers, business analysts, and others, varies based on position.

  5. Executive

    Including COO’s, CFO’s, and CIO’s, executive employees at top payments companies have the most generous salaries of any of the other payments’ positions. For specific salary information, scroll down to the free salary guide at the bottom of the page.

  6. Finance

    The finance industry, often known as the science of money management, is a payments job sector that deals with the study of investments, analyzing the dynamics of assets and liabilities. In the salary guide, you will find salary and compensation information for accountants, VP of finance, and residual analysts.

  7. Tech Support/Customer Service

    When technology goes wrong and customers are dissatisfied, you can expect a phone call to tech support. In the salary guide you will find detailed salary information for tech support positions within the payments industry, including the relationship manager, the senior relationship manager, and tech support specialists.

  8. Reseller/Channel Development

    Targeting customers through proper channels is vital to the success of a business, and the payments industry is no different. In the salary guide you will find salary information on ISO recruiters, VAR channel sales, VP of strategic partnerships, and others.

  9. Compliance/Loss Prevention/Legal

    Employees working in compliance and loss prevention ensure the compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. Positions in this sector include risk analysts, compliance officers, and general council.

  10. Business development

    With varying degrees of salaries, located within the Go-Impact salary guide found below, the business development sector includes the business development manager, director of business development, and Sr. VP of business development.

  11. Operations

    Including the implementations analyst, implementations manager, client services manager, and VP of operations, this area of the payments industries focuses on timely and effective processing and reconciliation of information and purchases. For detailed salary and compensation information, view the free salary guide below.

  12. Account/Relationship Management

    The account management subdivision deals with maintaining relationships and sales with specific clients, with the goal of customer retention and continued business. It includes the customer service manager, director of customer service, customer success manager, and VP of customer success.
    H2 What parts of the U.S. have the highest salaries?
    Want to know what the average national salaries are based on location? We have you covered. Included in the Go-impact salary guide is a map of the U.S. showing which parts of the country have the highest, and lowest, average salaries.
    H2 How to access the salary guide
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