Frequently Asked Questions

What types of positions do you fill (i.e. operations, sales, IT, etc.)?

If it’s in the payments, cards, or any associated industries, we have a solid network of candidates in all areas of sales (direct, indirect, partnership, support, engineering, etc.), all areas of operations (customer service, tech support, risk, underwriting, relationship management, etc.), IT/technology, product, finance/accounting, and marketing.

We work across all seniority level within the abovementioned specialties. We have several recruiters on our team that specialize on lower-level roles like customer service and tech support reps, entry-level sales, and risk analysts. In addition, we also have a team of senior/executive recruiters that work on Director, VP, SVP, C-level and specialized Board Seat roles.

In short, we can help your company locate anyone from an accountant, to a customer service manager, to a VP of Sales, all the way up to a CEO.

What is your typical fee structure?

Our firm offers three types of fee structures – Retained, Contained and Contingency.

Most of our clients that have an urgent need that needed to be filled yesterday work with us on either a contained or retained basis. Those searches are at the top of our priority list, and they always get the most attention from our team. Contingency searches tend to be lower or mid-priorities for our clients. We, as a company, will still devote time to these searches, but they are a B priority for us as opposed to an A.

Our Retained and Contained search fees are split into portions – or “chunks.” Our most popular structure is our Contained fee which is split into three “chunks.” The first is due immediately to initiate the search, the second is due upon the client choosing to interview three candidates presented by our team, and the final “chunk” is due upon the candidate accepting the offer. The Retained structure is very similar, but the fee is split into two portions – one due up front and one due when an offer has been accepted by a candidate. Both offer the same level of service, and our team treats each of these searches as an A priority.

A Contingency search fee is paid in full by our clients once a candidate has accepted an offer. Nothing is due up-front to initiate the search.

What’s your process for finding candidates?

As you’ll see below, the first thing we do is NOT go out on the job boards to find the best of the unemployed, the best of the unhappy, or the best of “actively” looking. It’s been our experience that the best, and longest lasting, candidates/employees are the ones that are passively exploring new opportunities.

We start by getting together as a group and discussing who we know for a particular role. With nearly 60 years of combined experience in this space, our firm’s partners have a strong rolodex of contacts throughout all areas of payments, cards, and the associated industries.

Referrals is another tremendous source for us. We spend a good amount of time reaching out to contacts and friends that we know in the industry that can help point us to people that we may not know or that may have slipped our minds in the initial discussion.

If we haven’t located several candidates through the first two methods, we then go through our database of nearly 110,000+ candidates. We’ve built this database over 15+ years, and it has incredible search functions that allow our team to pinpoint the right candidate for the position.

Finally, if we have a very difficult search, we start cold-calling into competing companies. This is the most time-consuming search method, but we’ve located a great deal of A-players over the years by utilizing this method.

Occasionally, we will use the job boards for lower-level positions, but if we do, this only accounts for 5-10% of our total search efforts.

What is your average time on filling a position?

Much of this depends on the seniority level of the position and the urgency of the client.  We have filled positions in under 1 week from receiving the job order.  We have had other positions that took several months to fill due to our client having a robust interview process with multiple rounds of managers, executives, and board members involved in the interview/hiring procedures.  Each search is different.  Each client’s interviewing process is different.  Statistically speaking, the last 5 years of recruiting in the payments & cards industry – IMPACT’s average length of time to fill a position has been 4 – 6 weeks.

Do you guarantee your placements?

Each placement is guaranteed through IMPACT Payments Recruiting for a period of 90-days.  This period of guarantee will begin on the first day of candidate’s employment with the client.  In the event the candidate’s employment with a client terminates within the first 90 days for any other reason other than a reduction in force, IMPACT will conduct a new search and replace the employee at no cost to the client.  This is an extremely rare scenario as our firm’s payments industry network of 110,000+ gives access to ‘off the record’ references to ensure any candidate presented is amongst the strongest performers the payments, cards, & FinTech industry has to offer.

What makes you different from other recruiting firms?

IMPACT Payments Recruiting has carved a niche out back in 2000 and tout the largest network worldwide of professionals within the payments (technology), cards, and fintech sectors. Our proprietary network currently spans more than 110,000+ professionals. Furthermore, our recruiters are a mix of former payments veterans and you can catch us at most industry-related conferences. Our partners have expressed the benefit of working with a firm that understands their intimate needs (what the position entails, how to rule out ‘B’ & ‘C” players, competitors to target/shy-away from, etc.) as it helps expedite the overall hiring process. Our partners are regular contributors to industry-related publications and have been featured speakers at shows. In addition to the aforementioned, our staff volunteers on several committees with the Electronic Transaction Association. Our success speaks for itself. Since our inception, IMPACT has placed more than 2,800 professionals across the globe. Our clients span from start-ups just receiving seed funding to Fortune 100 organizations. Not only are we able to find the right person the first time, but our retention rate currently exceeds 94%.

Can you help us put together a job description?

We absolutely can create a job description for you! Our firm will work with you to get an understanding of the role and company culture to ensure the right candidate is being attracted. We can create a job description from scratch or suggest changes of what you might currently have.

Do you conduct background checks?

We can conduct background checks on your behalf – both criminal and credit history. Many corporations choose to trust their employment background screening to third parties because doing so brings them more legal immunity than they would have if they conducted background checks in-house. FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) legislation establishes legal immunity for companies that outsource background checks. This protection covers defamation, privacy invasion and hiring negligence lawsuits.

That said, companies must still notify applicants if they or a third party are investigating candidates’ “credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living,” according to FCRA legislation. To protect their clients, many employee background screening companies provide FCRA-friendly authorization and disclosure forms.

How long will it take to find the candidate/see resumes coming into us to review?

Depending on the level position and the client’s location – we will typically be able to start sending resumes within a week of receiving the search.  For certain types of positions and larger markets (Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, etc.), the length of time to see a resume could be as short as a day or two.  If a client’s search ends up taking several weeks to see a candidate (or lack of candidates), it often requires making adjustments to skill-set requirements, salary range, or opening things up to relocation of a candidate.  Given the heavy network of payments professionals in every US major domestic market that IMPACT carries, within a week of receiving the search IMPACT will have widely examined and recruited the market.  This allows us to make a determination to our client if they need to make adjustments to their requirements on the search in order to get their position filled.

What sectors do you recruit within? What If I’m not a “payments” company?

If your company is considered to operate as a payments, cards, or fintech organization, OR you are associated within the aforementioned, you fall within our expertise.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Merchant Acquiring
  • Card Issuing
  • Core Processing
  • Prepaid
  • eCommerce
  • Card-Not-Present
  • ACH
  • Electronic Bill Payment
  • Mobile Payments
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives
  • Debit Processing
  • Card personalization
  • Fintech
  • Regtech
  • ATM
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment
  • Treasury
  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Data Analytics
  • Risk/Fraud Management
  • Chargeback Management
  • Payments Technology
  • Alternative Lending
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin

What does your network look like?

IMPACT Payments Recruiting is proud to tout the payments, cards, fintech, and regtech industry’s largest network worldwide. Our unprecedented network of more than 110,000+ professionals allows us the ability to connect thousands of candidates who are currently employed by your competitors.

Unlike a less connected firm that must rely on candidates who happen to be actively seeking new employment at the time you are hiring, our vast network gives us the ability to search amongst the most talented professionals regardless of their employment status.