Top Hiring Manager Pain Points and How To Overcome Them

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Making hiring decisions is a challenging process – a lot is at stake if you make the wrong choice, and even with trying to make as informed of a decision as possible, a lot of it is left up to your own subjective judgment calls, as well as the actions of others that are completely out of your control. Check out these top hiring manager pain points and tips for how to overcome them:

Attracting Attention of Top Talent

Hiring managers may post available positions and receive dozens of applications, but mainly from unqualified or mediocre candidates instead of top talent.

Overcome this pain point by branding your website and job descriptions to focus on what sets your organization apart as a great place to work. Also, network at events or online to form connections with passive candidates so you can reach out when you have positions that fit their skills and goals.

Avoiding Bad Hires

Extending an offer to a seemingly qualified candidate can often end up with them not working out, and hiring managers left wondering what went wrong and how they can make more accurate decisions in the future.

Overcome this pain point by developing a set criteria on what traits and qualifications are crucial for success in the position, and creating interview questions based around them. Since the best predictor for future performance is past performance, ask for specific examples from their past work experience, rather than hypothetical responses.

Training New Employees

Once hiring managers bring on new employees, it can be difficult to get them up to speed in a timely manner so they are able to start making a significant contribution and understand company culture.

Overcome this pain point by creating a thorough onboarding plan for new hires. Determine the most crucial information they will need to get started and walk them through it personally and save it as a document they can refer to as a resource. Include everything from workflow processes to day-to-day mundane details, such as how people take lunch breaks

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