Crucial Information All Hiring Managers Need To See On Your Resume

There is perhaps no more important part of your job search than your resume. This one document can truly make or break your success and determine the outcome of your job search efforts. Unfortunately, many candidates sabotage their chances of getting considered for jobs, even ones in which they are seemingly a perfect match because they aren’t providing the information on their resumes that hiring managers care about the most. Learn more about the most crucial information all hiring managers need to see on your resume:


Anything that sets you apart from your peers is a must to include front and center on your resume. Highlight any achievements or accolades you have earned, so hiring managers can see at a glance that not only do you have the minimum qualifications but that you’re also top talent.


Hiring managers can typically figure out your overall responsibilities based on your previous job titles and employers, so it’s not helpful for them to see a long list of your past job duties. What is really influential for their decisions is how well you performed those tasks. Include objective metrics (such as “increased revenue by 20%”) whenever possible or any other details that support that you handled your responsibilities well.

Level of Responsibility

Job titles and duties don’t tell the whole story on your resume in terms of your level of responsibility. Especially if you worked at a smaller company, you may have had more on your plate than a similar position at a larger company where the work is more compartmentalized. Make it clear how much authority you were given, such as being the main point of contact for clients/vendors or making recommendations to the final decision maker.

Relevant Keywords

Keep in mind that hiring managers often receive dozens, if not sometimes hundreds, of resumes. If you want to get noticed, it’s crucial that you include relevant keywords from the job description within your resume. When they’re quickly scanning resumes, they’ll see right away that you meet the bare minimum and file your resume away to look at more closely later. If you word your qualifications differently than they did in the description, they may not notice you’re qualified if they don’t have a chance to review your resume in-depth.

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