How Will a Payment Recruiting Firm Make My Business More Efficient

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There is perhaps no decision that will have a greater impact on your business’s productivity on a day-to-day basis, as well as its long-term performance, than which employees you hire. However, the recruitment and hiring process is time-consuming, especially so if you want to attract top talent and make strategic decisions. If you want to save yourself time, consider delegating the recruitment process for your payments positions to a payment recruiting firm. Learn more about how a payment recruiting firm will make your business more efficient:


Meeting prospective candidates, especially passive ones, and maintaining those relationships is often too time-consuming for many organizational leaders. Rather than be left only choosing from the active candidates who come directly to you, working with a payment recruiting firm can help you seek out the best candidates throughout the industry without you having to devote the time to networking yourself.

Advertising Openings

Creating a job description, determining where to advertise it, actually uploading it to various sites – all of this adds up and takes time away from other higher priority tasks you may have. When you opt to utilize a payment recruiting firm, they will promote your openings on your behalf and ensure they are seen by the right candidates.

Initial Evaluation

If you’ve ever posted a job opening, you’ve likely experienced the flood of applicants in a short time frame. Weeding through the obviously unqualified applicants can take a lot of time, as does examining the candidates who meet the minimal qualifications and screening them to determine who should go further. By collaborating with a payment recruiting firm, you can communicate the criteria candidates need to meet, and have them perform the initial evaluation for you.

Contacting Candidates

The hiring process often gets held up with all of the back-and-forth of trying to arrange interviews with candidates. You may already be drowning in emails and voicemails as it is, so instead of having to contact candidates, wait to hear back, and then find an available time slot that works for all, a payment recruiting firm can do it for you and save you significant time.

If you’re considering working with a payment recruiting firm to make your business more efficient, turn to IMPACT Payments Recruiting. A partnership with IMPACT Payments Recruiting provides your organization with experienced recruiters who have backgrounds and network connections throughout the payments industry. As a niche recruiting firm, IMPACT can streamline your recruiting process by effectively targeting the right prospects and screening for optimal fit. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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