Quick Tips On Getting In Front Of The True Decision Maker

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Many managers find themselves in the position of being responsible for the bulk of the recruitment and hiring process, but unable to make that final call on who to hire without getting the approval of a higher ranking decision maker. Unfortunately, those decision makers with significant authority can also be very challenging to get in touch with due to their busy schedules and heavy workloads. Often it requires being strategic and proactive in order to make contact and receive the information you need from them. Get in front of the true decision maker with these quick tips:

Try Out a Variety of Channels

Increase the chances of getting a response back from a decision maker by covering all your bases and trying out a variety of channels of communication. Some people have strong preferences on their mode of contact, so if your emails are going unanswered, switch things up and try a phone call or even instant messaging.

Prepare a Proposal

When you’re dealing with someone in which opportunities to get into contact are seldom, it’s crucial to be prepared. Whatever decision they need to make, ensure you make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Have all relevant information ready for them, including your own recommendations, to streamline the process when you finally do get in front of them.

Contact a Gatekeeper

Since decision makers are generally so busy, they often have assistants or other direct reports who serve as gatekeepers who arrange their schedules or otherwise have access to their schedule. If you’re not having luck making direct contact, reach out to a gatekeeper to get you on their calendar or recommend the best day/time for you to get in touch.

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