5 Reasons You Are Not Being Considered For the Job

A common scenario for job seekers: devoting significant time and effort to finding available opportunities for which they’re qualified and applying, only to receive silence in return. Since you’re unlikely to receive a specific reason for why you’re not in the running, it can feel impossible to know how to improve. Narrow down your possible areas of improvement – check out these five reasons you are not being considered for the job:

You Don’t Follow Directions

Skipping over any special application directions on the job posting can cost you the chance of even being considered for the job. It may not seem like a big deal to not use a specific email subject line as requested, for example, but it can make it look to hiring managers that you don’t pay attention to detail or simply disregard explicit instructions.

Your Cover Letter Doesn’t Appeal

Don’t underestimate the power of a compelling cover letter. While your resume is pretty limiting in terms of what you can truly communicate about yourself, the cover letter empowers you to use your voice and explain why you are such a good fit. Unfortunately, many candidates stick to a generic cover letter template and pass on the chance to stand out to hiring managers.

Your Resume Isn’t Tailored

A misconception about resumes is that they are a one-time project; however, if you craft your resume one time and submit it to all jobs for which you’re applying, that could be the culprit for why you’re not being considered. It needs to be clear at a brief glance that you’re qualified, so ensure you are updating your resume each time to highlight your most relevant qualifications and include keywords from the listing.

Your Materials Weren’t Proofread

Misspellings, grammatical errors, or even including the name of the wrong person/company on your application can make hiring managers pass on even the most otherwise qualified of candidates. It signals that you didn’t take the opportunity seriously enough to review your materials before submitting – at a point when you should be trying to make the best impression.

You Didn’t Highlight Achievements

You may flawlessly list all of your previous work experience that perfectly aligns with what the job listing entails and still not be considered if you fail to include how you performed, not just what you did. Don’t just list your previous responsibilities, make sure to include what you achieved while doing so. Examples include objective metrics (i.e., “improved processing time by 20% after implementing new system) or accolades (i.e., “top five percent of performers”).

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