Increase Your Chances of Hiring Top Talent By Using One Consulting Partner

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One of the most strategic investments any company can make to contribute to its overall success is the people it hires. Of course, no one intends to hire mediocre or poor performers, but it can be the outcome of a lack of defined, streamlined hiring process. Often hiring is one part of a manager’s workload, making it difficult to give it all of the attention it needs to be successful. A solution to this common issue: a consulting partner. Learn more about why you may increase your chances of hiring top talent by using one consulting partner:

Quality Candidate Pool

A major benefit of working with one consulting partner is that you can form a more tight-knit partnership than if you’re spread out among multiple consultants from different organizations. This allows your consulting partner to more fully understand and predict the right type of candidates for you as they network and build their potential candidate pool.

Industry Knowledge

Opting to go with one consulting partner can help you find top talent if you select one with direct experience with your industry. The more experienced your consultant is with your particular line of work, the more able he or she will be to target the right audience.

Preliminary Screening

Narrowing down candidates from the initial applicants is a time-consuming and often subjective process. Building a relationship with one consulting partner can streamline and improve the accuracy of the preliminary screening because they’ll be well-versed in evaluating candidates to determine if they’ll be a fit for you.

Effective Branding

Branding, or communicating what makes your company unique, is a major part of what gets candidates excited about working for a company above all others. Working one-on-one with a consulting partner allows them to really learn about your company and more effectively brand it to top talent.

If establishing a relationship with a consulting partner is the strategy you’d like to implement for hiring top talent, consider teaming up with one of the recruiting experts at IMPACT Payments Recruiting. Our recruiting team consists of experienced payments industry veterans who have the direct knowledge to evaluate the candidate pool to find the top talent and best fit for our clients.  With a retention rate that currently exceeds 94%, IMPACT has the results to prove our dedication and knowledgeability for payments industry recruitment. Contact IMPACT to learn more about how we can help you with your recruiting needs.

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