How to Utilize a Payments Recruiting Company to Staff Your Team

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Working with a recruiting company to staff your payments team can provide you access to a much wider pool of qualified candidates for positions at all levels while saving you the time required to perform the first steps in the evaluation process. Opting for an industry-specific niche recruiting company is especially beneficial because the recruiters will have a more in-depth understanding of what it takes for candidates to succeed in your organization. Utilize a payments recruiting company to staff your team by following these key steps:

Evaluate Staffing Needs

Examine your current staffing level, productivity, and workload, and any projected influxes in demand to clarify your staffing needs. Do you need to simply fill a vacant position and have efficient coverage, or is time of the essence? Are you looking for someone for a newly created position, so there’s no historical overview for comparison? The more specifically you evaluate your staffing needs, the more beneficial utilizing a payments recruiting company will be for you.

Determine Keys to Success

The major benefit of working with a recruiting company is they can single-handedly devote their time to thoroughly prescreening candidates, so you only have to assess from a targeted selection. To streamline the process, determine the traits and soft skills that are the most crucial keys to success for employees, in addition to the technical qualifications. This will enable the recruiting company to provide you with candidates that don’t just look good on paper but will also fit in with your company’s culture.

Craft a Compelling Job Description

Writing a job description can be a deceptively difficult task. It needs to be accurate and detailed enough to weed out the unqualified candidates, but also appealing enough to attract top prospects. Take the time to craft a compelling job description the recruiting company can use to find the best candidates. If you don’t have the time or would prefer some guidance, you can also work with the company to have them create a job description for you, since they are familiar with candidate preferences.

Communicate for Effective Branding

Make it as simple as possible for the payments recruiting company to sell your company as a place top talent wants to work. Clearly define what makes your organization stand out from the rest, including the culture and work environment, leadership, opportunities for advancement, competitive benefits, etc. This allows the recruiters to know how to effectively brand your organization and recommend it to the right prospects.

Utilizing a payments recruiting company to staff your team should ideally be a partnership, with open communication and a true understanding of your needs. When you team up with IMPACT Payments Recruiting, you will be working with experienced recruiters with backgrounds and network connections throughout the payments industry. The search for high-level positions is more streamlined and targeted when you work with a niche recruiting firm like IMPACT. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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