What Do Personality Assessments Actually Reveal?

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In the quest to reduce bad hires, more hiring managers are going beyond resumes and interviews and utilizing assessments to evaluate candidates in as in-depth a manner as possible to make the most informed decisions. Personality assessments are gaining popularity with organizations, with nearly a quarter of organizations using them for candidate evaluation, according to a 2014 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Consider what personality assessments may actually reveal to determine how they fit with your overall candidate evaluation process:

Inherent Traits

First and foremost, personality assessments can provide insight into a candidate’s inherent traits i.e., their temperament and overall personality type. These can be used to help determine if the candidate may be naturally suited for a particular position. For example, you may look for more sociable traits for client-facing roles or a strong ability to persevere for sales positions.

Workplace Behaviors

Understanding a candidate’s likely behaviors in the workplace can help you decide if they are an optimal fit. A personality test can reveal their responses for how they would handle common workplace scenarios, allowing you to see how it would compare to your workplace.

Communication Style

One of the most crucial skills for any position in any workplace is effective communication. The best communicators often share common personality traits, such as open-mindedness and empathy, so utilizing a personality test can provide a glimpse into candidates’ likelihood of having strong communication skills.

Cultural Fit

Top talent with all of the expertise your company needs may not work out if they clash with company culture, which is often referred to as the shared values and norms of a particular workplace. It can be difficult to clearly define your own company culture and be objective, so consider your most successful workers (and who thus, most likely align with your company culture) and narrow down and define their shared common behaviors and traits. Then, you can use personality tests to evaluate candidates on their likelihood of cultural fit based on that criteria.

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