Here is Why You Can’t Get That Top Prospect to Respond to You

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Your hiring process is only as successful as your pool of prospective candidates. While the balance of power is in the employer’s favor for active job seekers who directly reach out, top prospects are in the position to be much more selective. They are likely getting contacted by recruiters on a regular basis, and, therefore, may be unable or unwilling to respond each time. Learn more about why top prospects may not be responding and how to improve your response rate:

1. You’re Not Giving a Reason Why They Should

Prospects expect recruiters to answer one basic question in their pitch: “What’s in it for me?” If you are asking prospects to respond, but not providing clear reasons on why prospects should want to do so, they won’t. Highlight the selling points, and get them excited or at least intrigued.

2. You’re Not Making Them Feel Special

Messages that come across as generic scripts are not going to be a priority to respond to for top prospects. If they are fielding calls and emails from multiple recruiters, they are more likely to follow up with the ones who tailor their pitches specifically to them. Why? Tailored pitches appeal to their emotions and make them feel special and especially in-demand.

3. You’re Not Getting to the Point

When you’re competing for attention in a top prospect’s phone or email inbox, it’s imperative to make your contact attempts as brief as possible, while still remaining informative. Prioritize the information you want to convey and provide just enough so they know why you’re contacting them and why they should be interested.

4. You’re Not Focused on Branding

Employer branding is key when you’re pitching to a top prospect. Top prospects don’t have to settle for any old job, so it’s important to really highlight what makes the organization stand out they’ll be more likely to respond if you have an opportunity at the type of workplace they desire.

5. You’re Not Contacting Them Via Their Preferred Channel

Don’t rely on one standard channel of contact for reaching out to prospects. Some top prospects may not be checking their LinkedIn regularly or may prefer phone calls to emails. Try out different methods to figure out what appeals to different prospects and is most likely to get a response.

6. You’re Not Utilizing a Strategic Cycle

Timing is often the make-or-break factor in successful recruiting. To get top prospects more likely to respond to you, build a relationship. Develop a strategic contact cycle so you’re reaching out to touch base and see if their needs have changed or how they’re doing, rather than only contacting them when you have a specific job to fill. You’ll increase the odds of getting in touch at a time when they’re really looking for a new job.

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